Saturday, March 6, 2010

Possible Research Orientation?

I'm in the process of my first official college research paper, and I'm doing, well, awful. I hate doing parenthetical citations since I believe it's distracting to the reader, but then again I'm awful at in-text citation since it messes up my style and I end up being very redundant and reusing phrases over and over again. But still: Justice is a very big value to me and I worry all the time about making explicit, public distinguishments between other people's thoughts and my own. Give credit where credit is due.

As such, I'm contemplating adapting a formal citation method to this blog in order to practice my skills, as I think it would be of vast intellectual benefit. This particular blog, as opposed to Musing Aloud, is purposely more formal since I use it for intellectual activism, so placing superscript citations at the bottom wouldn't be disruptive to the theme.

I don't have any plans for incorporating this any time soon since I still need to purchase the proper resources and study them -- and that may be a while since I'm focusing my limited funds on groceries due to my being unemployed -- so don't go about anticipating it, but don't be surprised once you see me start doing it.

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