Friday, March 12, 2010

First Butter, and Now Salt?

Some of you may have heard that the mayor of New York a few weeks ago put forth the "suggestion" that restaurants reduce the amount of salt used in food preparation out of concern for health. Now it has come to the point that a legislator has come up with a bill in this regard, not to reduce salt but to ban it. A couple months ago I made mention of a call for a ban on butter from a doctor. Well, do we see now that we must take even the most comical of suggestions seriously?

I agree with previous speculation that the chances of this bill passing are excruciatingly low, but it is nonetheless the case that an absurdity has come closer to passing. Unless the philosophical ideas about the proper role of government are changed there is nothing to prevent this bill from being resurrected.

While this may predate the legislative endeavor, comedian writer Tom Naughton has written an excellent analysis on this subject, taking care to examine both the practical consequences if such a suggestion were carried out and the nutritional science behind it.

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Steve D said...

Perhaps New Yorker's might want to elect an adult for mayor next time?

Its frightening that any adult would make this sort of suggestion outside of a comedy routine.

Sodium is a necessity for humans, and sodium deficiency can cause serious illness and eventualy death.