Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Permanent Disclosures for the FTC

Following Ari Armtrong's lead, I fear I too am forced to offer up complete disclosure about my blog, lest I suffer an allegation from the nonobjective rules passed by the FTC.

This will be my permanent disclosure page, meaning I will post a permanent link to this page within my blog layout regarding all my disclosure information for Benpercent and Musing Aloud. If the facts are otherwise; that is, if it is the case I have received a product for review or engage in a financial relationship with an organization, I will edit this page or note the individual exceptions at the beginning of the relevant blog posts.

As of March 2010, I have joined the Amazon Associates program, which compensates me financially if any reader on my site follows an Amazon link and purchases the advertised product.

I am also a participator in Google Adsense -- though I don't know my official active date since I wasn't notified of my application approval -- which financially compensates me when readers click the appropriate advertisements.

This is the extent of my financial relationship with these companies, and that is all I have to say.

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