Wednesday, December 9, 2009


If you can recall, Professor John Davis Lewis took it upon himself a few months ago to read the language of the legislation HR 3200 and post an analysis that isolated key aspects of the bill and translated into layman terms the technical passages. Well, he has taken the task upon himself again in analyzing the language of HR 3962 in the same format as before. He answers these key questions:

1. Will the plan punish Americans who do not carry the required
insurance, or employers who do not provide it?
2. Will the plan make private insurance illegal?
3. Will the plan ration medical care through budgets?
4. Will the plan ration care through waiting lists?
5. Will the plan impose special, higher taxes on Americans who earn
more than others?
6. Will the plan levy special taxes and surcharges on medical devices?
7. How will the plan affect health insurance provided by employers?
8. Does the plan allow the government to set fees?
9. Can the government officials audit taxpayers, employers, and
insurance plans to enforce compliance?
10. What limits are set to the powers of government officials?

This is a critically important article that deserves to be sent far and wide, for the extravagant length and technical difficulty involved in reading the bill is certainly far too much for most people to undertake, including myself. See for yourself, and make known to others, how the preceding questions are confirmed or denied by the actual words of the bill.

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