Friday, March 27, 2009

Government Can't Be Economic Engine

My local newspaper has published my letter to the editor. It can be read here.

"There is much debate as to what jobs the government is going to create and where it is going to place them, but is it ever asked if the government can even create jobs? It cannot.

Where will it get the funding for the incomes? Taxes. Where do tax payments come from? The taxpayers.

In order for the government to pay incomes, it will have to tax incomes first, meaning that every job created in the public sector is a job destroyed in the private sector.

Let us not focus on jobs, but rather on what fuels jobs: wealth.

Benjamin M. Skipper"

In the future I hope to increase my effort in activism to at least sending out one editorial per week, but at my current skill level I must concern myself more with my studies and improvement rather than writing. It shall be a goal then!

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