Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Environmentalist Colors

Chuck of The New Clarion has stated that the mask of environmentalism has finally came off. And so it has.

One need not look any further than this article to see that environmentalism is anti-man and anti-industry. Mr. Porritt *explicitly* calls for a plan to reduce population and economic growth; any way you spin this the man is advocating destruction.

To be clear, the reason why environmentalism is anti-man and anti-industry is because of two of its tenets: its definition of "natural" (to paraphrase: "that which is untouched by man") and its arbitrary belief in the notion that the environment holds innate value (meaning it is a value outside of all other considerations). Because of this, anything humans do to alter their environment, and literally *anything*, is damned as evil by environmentalism, whether one digs a hole or erects a building.

This is why any changes to the environmentalist fashions are never satisfactory to environmentalists: even the process of becoming "environmentally-friendly" is environmentally-unfriendly. To be truly environmentally-friendly, one need be dead.

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