Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dan Edge's Adventures in Activism

Dan Edge of The Edge of Reason is in great legal danger in which he faces up to six years in jail. Why? For the crime of having had a minor hand a poster to him and say thanks.

He had but merely organized a protest against what he judged to be an improper exercise of governmental power: a curfew imposed on minors for the crimes and irresponsibility of a minority. Some minors happened to participate in the protest, and when it came time that the curfew had passed the police began inquiring as to the age of certain protesters and told those whom proved underage to depart. One police officer, however, arrested two of the underage protesters without allowing them the chance to depart (as per a requirement of the law) and arrested Mr. Edge when one minor handed a poster to him.

I strongly recommend reading Mr. Edge's personal documentation of the events, in which he also reveals that his local media is purposely neglecting to show his side of the story (thus making his reputation to burn at stake since the public is making improper judgments of him) and how he learned that the media industry in general is prone to distortion due to legal threats from the government:

Adventures in Activism: A True Story of Protest, Arrest, and Release: Mr. Edge's account of the events that happened at the protest.

The Greenville News -- Corrupt from Core to Top: Mr. Edge reveals the legal danger he is in, and how his local media is intentionally neglecting to write about the protest from his perspective (even though he has been interviewed and has given his account to the media).

Why I Am Innocent, While the City is Not: An explanation of what laws were broken in the process of the arrest of Mr. Edge and the two minors.

Who to Contact About my Case: Mailing and e-mail addresses for people of significance in Mr. Edge's area.

I myself am going to write an e-mail of moral support for Mr. Edge. If we do not practice justice and recognize the morality of moral men around us, then what is to serve as their motivation to keep practicing virtue? In such times as these we cannot have the virtuous quitting on us. Or worst yet, to allow them to be taken by the evil.


Dan Edge said...

Just saw this. Thanks a bundle!

--Dan Edge

Benpercent said...

And a bundle of welcome.