Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Benevolent Biff

Forgive me for being light on my posting as of late; I have been facing a small bit of difficulty that has prevented me from being Johnny-on-the-spot with maintaining a steady stream of posts, but I do have several ideas for some posts, including one in particular I have been contemplating for several weeks, if not months. I shall not reveal them lest I give any other writers an idea. :-) For now one will have a positive article to be tided over with.

Here is a link to my favorite comedy comic, The Book of Biff. There is simply far too much vicious comedy out in the media these days, comedy where you are expected to take amusement at someone's suffering, however mild. Such things I cannot laugh at, for I prefer benevolent comedy. The difficulty is that benevolent comedy of decent quality can be hard to find.

As for The Book of Biff, the comic is about random moments in the life of a man with flowing eyebrows and an overwide mouth. In many ways the comic can borderline on Charlie Brownian misfortunes such as with Biff's constantly being laid off or having his property destroyed, but in the end optimism and resolve reign through. Some of my particular favorites are here, here, and here.

What are your favorite things that showcase a benevolent sense-of-life?

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