Monday, June 29, 2009

Lies Against Reality

I had been anticipating such a piece for quite some time. Peter Wehner has written an article titled Decoding Obama that takes a sampling of Obama's assertions and shows that they are lies by exposing the actual facts of reality. Take this excerpt for instance:

Then there are the things that have almost been forgotten by now. Obama, during the campaign, said, "[Lobbyists] will not work in my White House" – even though he immediately allowed waivers for lobbyists. Having pledged to slash earmarks by more than half when he became president, Obama signed an omnibus spending bill containing 8,500 of them. Having made bi-partisanship a pillar of his campaign, Obama has so far governed in a more partisan fashion than any president in generations. Having claimed the capacity to “see all sides of an argument,” the president routinely constructs strawmen he can set ablaze. And having said “nothing will be gained by spending our time and energy laying blame for the past,” Obama spends an inordinate amount of time and energy doing just that (in one speech alone, he included more than two dozen critical comments, direct or implied, against the Bush Administration).

The consistency of his lying shows us that Obama is a "Peter Keating", Peter Keating being one of the main villains of the novel The Fountainhead. What is interesting about Keating's evilness is that he does not do evil deeds to others, but rather slowly destroys himself throughout his lifetime by following one single poisonous premise: placing others above oneself. Keating does not care about what is "good" or what is "true"; he cares about what other people think is good and what other people think of the truth. As a result he lives a life of dishonesty, for he says what other people what to hear while never living up to it in action.

Obama is the same way in that his words seemingly always oppose his actions. He states that he is not going to run the business of General Motors, but in action his administration is responsible for the firing of several employees, honoring warranties, and designing new products. He states that he is outraged at the actions of the government of Iran during its election protests, but in action it amounted to nothing since it has been stated that talks with Iran will still persist despite recent violence (which is more Dr. Dolittleism in foreign policy). He states that he is going to cut spending by $100 million dollars, thus saving the United States money, but in action he has increased the debt by trillions.

It is nonsensical now to take any of his future words seriously. Read the whole article.

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