Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Poisonous Snake Bite? Run to the Hospital!

Medical-care blogger Paul Hsieh of FIRM has warned of the danger of Democrats trying to "fast track" a universal medical care legislation that would effectively socialize medical care.

Very little needs to be said as to why Universal Medical Care (to be exact, Universal Medical Insurance) is a bad thing. When politicians promise that something can be obtained at any amount at no cost, the demand skyrockets to the point that it overwhelms the amount of supplies available to satisfy that demand, and a shortage results. In this context, people start going to the doctor for things they otherwise would not, and the result is a long waiting line (sometimes up to several months) for all involved. But, to be clear, supplies do not decrease only because demand is taking them all up, but also because suppliers are less willing to continue supplying. When medical suppliers see profits decreasing or being eliminated, or when doctors find their work becoming less rewarding (whether their motivation be monetary or spiritual), they leave. (Which seems to be the case happening already.)

(For a more in dept, though still short, explanation, check out Leonard Peikoff's lecture transcript Health Care is Not a Right. For a more exhaustive analysis of the fallacies involved in Universal Medical Care, and how it has already been employed partially the United States and failed, check out Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh's essay Moral Health Care vs. "Universal Health Care".)

This legislation is the greatest immediate threat to our health and freedom. If it passes, you can expect a lot more controls to follow as a result of desperate attempts to keep prices under control. At worst, it could come to the point where a politician decides whether you live or die (if your treatment is "too expensive", you do not get any). Please, send an e-mail to your representatives. You can find their contact information here.

Here is what I sent off to both of my senators:

Dear [representative],

It came to my attention yesterday that Democrats are currently trying to rush through Congress a piece of legislation that would put Universal Health Insurance into law. This is a dishonest attempt to force Universal Health Insurance onto an unwilling public. Dishonest because supporters of the legislation piece have explicitly stated that they are employing this particular methodology in order to avoid opposition and debate (referencing the article on Reuters titled "Democrats near deal to 'fast-track' health bill").

I am writing to ask you to oppose this.

Little needs to be said as to why universal health coverage is a bad thing: when politicians promise that anyone can obtain any amount of a certain thing at no cost, the demand for the product or service surpasses the amount of supplies available (doctors, medicine, diagnosis machines, etc.) to satisfy that demand and a shortage results, a shortage being fatal if one were to occur in the medical industry. If it becomes law that anyone can receive medical care at any time at no price, then people will start going to the doctor for things they otherwise would not, and a long wait results for all involved. Long waiting lines can be fatal for someone needing immediate medical attention.

Not only that, but further governmental controls would be an inevitable result of the government trying to keep prices under control. In other countries with socialized health care, there are special taxes on certain foods and beverages, further restricted speech (an egg commercial called "Go to Work on an Egg" was censored in the United Kingdom because it was considered as promoting an unhealthy lifestyle), and even outright denial of medical insurance, which means little to no medical care for that particular individual in a socialized system, if the government deems one to be too unhealthy and therefore too expensive to cover. It is ironic: an attempt to "free medical care from the rule of the dollar" inevitably leads to an even fiercer monetary rule.

I encourage you to read the essay titled “Moral Health Care vs. ‘Universal Health Care‘", authored by Lin Zinser and Paul Hsieh, which analyzes why Universal Health Care is immoral and impractical, and how it has already been partially implemented in the United States and has failed:




Of course, one not need to be as detailed as I have; only a sentence or two will suffice if one is clear. I give permission for one to use (and alter) my letter if it is the case that you *do not* live in Michigan.

Remember, it is your health.

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